Cataclean races ahead with new Renault Clio Cup partnership at Autosport International 2018
10th January 2018

British patented fuel and exhaust system fuel cleaner, Cataclean, has chosen Autosport International 2018 to confirm its appointment, for the second year running, as the global sponsor of former top international karter Daniel Rowbottom and his single-car setup Renault UK Clio Cup in the one-make race series.

Cataclean has seen its partnership with Rowbottom blossom over the 2017 campaign, when the Clio Cup racer finished in the top six 12 times, including five podium positions. The firm intends to strengthen its international presence in the automotive world through motorsport-related activities, and has, for that purpose, created Cataclean Racing, a new marketing umbrella under which promotional activities will be carried out.

“I am overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm shown by my sponsor, Cataclean,” says 28-year-old Daniel, “and very pleased to have extended the deal with them for the coming season, after a year of full cooperation and successes,” he continues. “I feel sure that 2018 will bring great ideas to fruition.”

The exciting 2017 campaign and ambitious plans for 2018 have given Cataclean the ideal platform from which to grow as the ‘go-to’ name for better, cleaner automotive performance.

Cataclean is running a competition for the trade as well as the general public visiting Autosport International over the four-day period. Prizes range from a year’s supply of Cataclean to a VIP weekend at a BTCC event. Show goers should visit the Cataclean stand to enter the draw.

Cataclean specialist staff and directors will be on stand 6854 at Autosport International, 11-14 January 2018, and available to discuss any relevant topics with the media.

Image – Daniel Rowbottom on the podium at Oulton

About Cataclean

Developed in 1995, Liverpool-based Cataclean is the flagship product of System Products UK. Cataclean successfully holds patents for and supplies global markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East & the Americas. The product is a fuel system cleaner for diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. Cataclean markets its products through established distributors in the motor trade and is available at retail and industry level.

How Cataclean works

Cataclean protects and maintains the catalytic converter, reduces emissions, improves fuel economy and restores performance; Cataclean Diesel offers these benefits in addition to reducing the risk of diesel particulate filter clogging. Cataclean contains solvents that break down deposits in fuel delivery systems formed by oxidation and polymerisation of hydrocarbon. When Cataclean combusts, it forms carboxylic acids, aldehydes and active peroxy compounds. When these compounds reach the exhaust vapours, they clean inside the catalytic converter, removing carbonaceous deposits from the surface of the core. The result is an increase in the catalyst’s ability to remove harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

Cataclean’s process also has an immediate effect on engine performance by cleaning and rejuvenating the fuel systems, injectors and valves, and optimising the combination and ignition of the fuel mixture. The result is better throttle response and improved fuel consumption.

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About ARI

ARI is a leading fleet management company, specialising in complex car, van and HGV fleets. Headquartered in Chippenham, the UK business provides state-of the art fleet management solutions to a range of industries, including retail distribution, utilities and construction. These include:

  • Fleet management
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ARI excels in customer service, offering complete support to its customers, 24 hours-a-day, from its UK call centre. The company is committed to investing in new, innovative technologies and sets a benchmark for the industry through its use of advanced, bespoke fleet analysis technology.