21st December 2017

Patented fuel and exhaust system fuel cleaner Cataclean has chosen Autosport International 2018 to announce its motorsport-related promotion and sponsorship plans for the year.

Under the newly created ‘Cataclean Racing’ moniker, the UK-based company is going to step up and develop activities and initiatives aimed at consolidating its identity in the British automotive and motorsport world.

Cataclean is no stranger to motorsport, and has sponsored Daniel Rowbottom’s DRM team (and his UK Clio Cup) for the last year. That cooperation is going to continue and grow further in 2018.

Cataclean specialist staff and directors will be on stand 5864 during 11-14 January Autosport International, and available to discuss with the media any relevant topics.

About Cataclean
Developed in 1995, Cataclean is a bottled fuel and exhaust system cleaner for diesel, petrol and hybrid vehicles that improves fuel consumption, reduces emissions and improves throttle response. It is the flagship product of Liverpool-based System Products UK. Cataclean is patented and supplied to markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East & the Americas where it is available via established automotive retail outlets, online and the motor trade.

How Cataclean works
Cataclean protects and maintains the catalytic converter, reduces emissions, improves fuel economy and restores performance; Cataclean Diesel offers these benefits in addition to reducing the risk of diesel particulate filter (DPFs clogging). Cataclean contains solvents that break down deposits in fuel delivery systems formed by oxidation and polymerisation of hydrocarbon. When Cataclean combusts it forms carboxylic acids, aldehydes and active peroxy compounds. When these compounds reach the exhaust vapours, they clean inside the catalytic converter, removing carbonaceous deposits from the surface of the core. The result is an increase in the catalyst’s ability to remove harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

Cataclean’s process also has an immediate effect on engine performance by cleaning and rejuvenating the fuel systems, injectors and valves, and optimising the combination and ignition of the fuel mixture. The result is better throttle response and improved fuel consumption.

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Image – Cataclean Racing logo