14th June 2017
  • ‘One Shot’ Bike bottle increased to 250 ml
  • Increases MPG, restores BHP, improves throttle response
  • Suitable for all 4-stroke engines
  • Independently tested by Motrac Racing
  • Carried by all 1,400 RAC patrol vehicles
  • Millions of bottles sold worldwide

Premium engine care specialist Cataclean is now selling its ‘One Shot’ Bike in larger 250 ml bottles, giving riders more miles to run the product through the bike’s engine. This comes following customer feedback claiming the longer run-out time offered by the larger bottles was preferred to the smaller 150 ml bottles.

Cataclean ‘One Shot’ Bike, a patented engine care product safe for all 4-stroke engines, is designed to be used once every three thousand miles to increase a bike’s MPG, restore BHP and torque and to improve throttle response.

The British-made engine and fuel system cleaner is ideal for use in bikes throughout the riding season but is especially suited to those bikes coming out of hibernation to ensure the fuel system is clean and able to run at optimum levels. The patented technology in the liquid formula cleans the bike’s injectors and decreases the build-up of harmful carbons, reducing emissions by up to 60 per cent.

Independent testing of Cataclean ‘One Shot’ Bike was conducted by Motrac Racing between 2014-2016, with the results showing a clear increase in both horsepower and torque response rates. Unlike many of its competitors, Cataclean believes in sharing its test results, all of which can be found on the company’s website. Brands such as BMW, Ducati, Suzuki and Yamaha featured in the rigorous two-year trial and the results of the tests revealed a significant overall improvement to torque and horsepower and a reduction in CO2 and hydrocarbons which would indicate better atomisation and subsequent improved combustion of fuel.

With the fluctuation in fuel costs and an increasing scepticism around fuel quality, it’s no wonder auto-centres and workshops are starting to use additives such as Cataclean ‘One Shot’ Bike more frequently as a part of overall servicing packages. Cataclean is also available for use in petrol, diesel and hybrid cars and is even carried by all 1,400 RAC patrol vehicles.

With solid independent test results and millions of bottles sold worldwide, Cataclean is a brand confident in its claims and is available to purchase from most motorcycle dealers and online at www.cataclean.com

High res image – Cataclean has been independently tested by Motrac Racing

About Cataclean

Developed in 1995, Cataclean is the flagship product of System Products UK. Cataclean successfully holds patents for and supplies global markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East & the Americas. The product is a fuel system cleaner for diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. Cataclean continues to market its products through established distributors in the motor trade and is available at retail and industry level.

Cataclean sales have grown steadily and now number many millions of bottles worldwide, driven by its excellent reputation and word of mouth recommendation. It is available through an established, reliable network of distributors and stockists, a relationship that has created a secure platform for the business that will promote future growth and ensure regularity of sales, Cataclean has firmly positioned itself as a market leader.

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