Toyota reaches out to aerospace industry to help solve manufacturing productivity puzzle
1st March 2018

Toyota and SMMT Industry Forum to co-host one-day workshop, free-of-charge for senior executives, to examine ways of improving UK manufacturing productivity

Aerospace manufacturing businesses are being invited to attend a workshop free-of-charge next month that will give a rare insight into methods proven to improve productivity. The one-day event, at the Toyota Engine Plant Deeside on May 11th, will share lessons learned in automotive manufacturing that are transferable to the aerospace industry.  

The workshop co-hosts are Toyota Lean Management Centre, widely acknowledged as a world leader in manufacturing productivity, and the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders) Industry Forum, which provides consultancy and training to help transform manufacturing competitiveness in many diverse industries.

The Industry Forum’s chief executive, Dr. Chris Owen, said: “At a time when we keep hearing how British productivity is lagging behind international competitors, the automotive sector is reaching out to other UK manufacturing sectors to show that productivity doesn’t have to be a puzzle. We are inviting chief executives and managing directors from aerospace manufacturing businesses to gain a deeper understanding of how to deliver productivity improvements by examining their own beliefs and looking at methods underpinning Toyota’s world-class operational performance.”

The Toyota Lean Management Centre shares knowledge, understanding and experience with non-competitive organisations that have the desire to develop people and processes. Experienced Toyota members work with small, medium and large multinational companies in a range of sectors including food, chemicals, aerospace and pharma. The centre helps identify current conditions and tailors plans to develop people whilst providing insight, challenge and support to eliminate organisational problems. It also provides unique study and benchmarking opportunities at Toyota’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Deeside in North Wales.

The workshop will encourage senior executives to examine and challenge their own beliefs about productivity; consider conditions necessary for success; gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of Challenge, Kaizen, Genchi-Butsu, team-work, and respect; and examine the application of knowledge to different productivity scenarios.

Workshop attendance is free but Toyota and Industry Forum suggest that participating companies make a donation to the Toyota Charitable Trust upon receipt of an invitation. Interested parties can visit for further information and to request attendance.

Image / Image  – A one-day productivity improvement workshop, at the Toyota Engine Plant Deeside on May 11th, is being organised by the Toyota Lean Management Centre and SMMT Industry Forum.

About Industry Forum

Industry Forum offers consultancy and training to make manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, rail and many diverse’ industries more competitive: from operations transformations to shop floor training, across the supply chain. The company was established in 1996 by the UK government, the SMMT and vehicle manufacturers to improve the performance and effectiveness of the UK’s automotive supply chain. It has more than 150 specialist consultants and trainers and is active in 30 countries. It has delivered over 400 consultancy programmes and trained over 25,000 people over the past 20 years. Industry Forum offers the broadest range of consultancy and training services in the manufacturing sector is the most approved delivery partner to manufacturers, for national and international bodies and programmes including IATF, VDA, SMMT, Automotive Council and ADS.