Goldacres sprayers maximize efficiency with Allison transmissions
25th January 2017

Australian specialist manufacturer has developed a new higher payload 4WD low clearance vehicle with an Allison Automatic to ensuring smooth, simple operation and cost

 BALLARAT, Australia – Equipped with a fully automatic Allison transmission, Goldacres has developed a new G8/G10 Super Cruiser range of spreader sprayer tractors to answer the growing demand for increased fertilizer and spray capacity.

“The Allison automatic delivers a smoother drive when the tractor is crawling through the paddock and allows the engine to run at lower rpm meaning better fuel efficiency while also delivering better reliability,” said Ashley Dinning, national sales manager for Goldacres.

Goldacres sprayer tractors have to cope with a wide range of conditions, due to the vast contrasts of the Australian countryside. Soil conditions can vary from rock-hard, sun-baked dirt to muddy, rain-soaked terrain, and temperatures can be intense as well – from zero degrees Celsius in winter to more than 50 degrees during summer.

According to Dinning, Goldacres, the company is the only major tractor manufacturer in Australia using a conventional automatic transmission rather than a hydrostatic drive. The company has been using Allison transmissions in its range of sprayers since 1997. The new Goldacre G8 Sprayer and G10 Spreader have been developed to answer the growing demand for increased capacity because farms are now using more fertiliser and applying it more often.

“In the past farmers would apply around 30 to 40 lbs. of fertilizer per acre and only do it once a year, however these days the standard is more like 100lbs per acre and it is applied at least three times per year,” said Dinning.

This means that farmers are seeking a high bin capacity to reduce the number of times they have to refill the fertilizer or sprayer bins. With higher weight the tractor had to have a lower centre of gravity and more tractive ability to prevent the vehicle getting stuck in soft soil with a large load aboard.

Every time an operator has to refill the fertilizer bins it takes 30 to 40 minutes, so a higher capacity means more efficient operation across a working day. The G10 is fitted with a 13 cubic yard fertilizer spreader while the G8 carries up to 2,100 gallons of liquid fertilizer or agricultural sprays.

“Our earlier Crop Cruiser model used an Allison 2500 automatic transmission but is designed as a high clearance model with chain drive to the rear wheels,” said Dinning. “The high clearance prevents damage to higher crops while spreading or spraying.

“When designing the new Super Cruiser range, an Allison automatic was the only transmission we considered because it has performed so well over the past two decades in our previous models.”

The new Goldacres G8 and G10 share a common chassis design and use a Cummins QSB 6.7 litre diesel engine producing 260 hp, around 40 hp more than the earlier Crop Cruiser model.

“We specified an Allison 3000 in the new Super Cruiser because it was able to handle the increased torque and power with ease as well as allowing us to run a 4WD system and a live PTO to drive the spreader unit and boom hydraulics on the spreader arms.”

Dinning said the fuel efficiency delivered by the Allison automatics is one of the standout features, which sees a 50 percent fuel saving when compared with a similar horsepower tractor using a hydrostatic drive.

“A similar horsepower tractor using a hydrostatic drive typically uses around 6.5 to eight gallons per hour, however the Allison allows our models to run at much lower revs and this means operators can expect fuel use of between three and four gallons of fuel per hour,” said Dinning.

“That is a big plus with the Allison is the ability to easily lock it in a gear on the push button console for a particular application so the engine is sitting right in the middle of its optimum torque band and then slowly move across the paddock smoothly and more efficiently.”

Another benefit of using an Allison transmission is the fact that it smooths out the operation making it less jerky to use in a farm paddock, which in turn reduces stress on other components such as the spreader arms while also ensure the application rate of the fertilizer is smooth and consistent.

The G10 can be fitted with spraying booms that range from 24 metres to 36 metres. This allows the vehicle to cater for a range of applications from broad acre to row crops. It also has the ability to carry up to 8,000 litres of sprays including herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers.

“Even working with corrosive fertilizer and agriculture sprays the Allison 3000 has double the service intervals compared with most hydrostatic drives,” said Dinning. “Allison specifies 2,000 hours between services in this application while most Hydrostatic units demand service every 1,000 hours. The Allison is also easier to maintain and is more reliable, which has been proven in every one of the almost 300 Crop Cruiser tractors we have built and sold since 1997.”

High res image of new Goldacres G8 and G10

High res image of new Goldacre G10 loading

High res image of Goldacre console

High res image of Allison Automatic transmission

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