Competition to win a new heating system and makeover is launched
1st March 2019

Huddersfield Town FC’s official heating partner, Viessmann, is behind Pulse 1 and Pulse 2’s competition for a community hub to win a free heating system and makeover – entries open now!

A new competition launches today that offers community hubs in West Yorkshire the chance to win a new heating system.

The competition, organised by Huddersfield Town FC’s official heating partner, Viessmann, and Pulse 1 and Pulse 2, is open to community organisations across West Yorkshire. A judging panel will select the application that has the strongest need and where a new heating system and makeover will make a significant difference to the building’s users and the wider local area.

The winning community hub will receive a heating makeover from the ‘Heat for Good’ team, an industry collective comprising heating appliance and equipment suppliers, and installers from around the country who will volunteer their time to fit the new system.

Representatives of community organisations are invited to head to and to enter. Entries close on March 17th and the winner will be announced in both the Pulse 1 and Pulse Breakfast Shows on April 1st. The selected installation will take place on April 13th and be covered by Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 on the day.

“The cost of upgrading heating systems, particularly in older buildings where boilers can be well overdue replacement and running quite inefficiently, is often above and beyond the fundraising capability of the most well-supported charity, especially as any funds raised should be going towards the cause itself,” explains Viessmann’s marketing director, Darren McMahon.

“Viessmann is proud to facilitate the ‘Heat for Good’ initiative, which is a team of companies and individuals that enthusiastically pools its resources for free and comes together for what will be a fun and rewarding weekend transforming a community building. We encourage any local charitable organisation with a boiler on the blink to apply!”

McMahon continues, “Viessmann is a family-owned company and shares strong family values with Huddersfield Town FC, which it has partnered as a sponsor over the past three years. We look forward to building further local links and supporting the tremendous community spirit of West Yorkshire.”

Image – Huddersfield Town FC’s official heating partner, Viessmann, is behind Pulse 1 and Pulse 2’s competition for a community hub to win a free heating system and makeover.

Image – The Heat for Good team at a community installation in Oxfordshire, in 2018.

Image – Heating installers from around the country will give up their time to help a West Yorkshire community organisation.

Image – Viessmann presents: A Family Tale (video) – Viessmann and Huddersfield Town Football Club have shared family values.

About Viessmann Ltd.
Viessmann Limited is part of the Viessmann Group of companies, which is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems, industrial systems and refrigeration systems. Founded in 1917, Viessmann remains a family-owned business and has over 12,100 employees.

Viessmann has 23 production divisions in 12 countries, subsidiaries and representations in 74 countries and 120 sales offices around the world. The company’s commitment to the highest standards of manufacturing has led to its systems being awarded a multitude of awards over the course of its history.

Viessmann’s comprehensive product range of domestic and commercial heating systems has an output range of 1.5 to 120,000 kW. It offers oil and gas-fired boilers, solar thermal and photovoltaics, combined heat and power modules (CHP), ground, air and water sourced heat pumps, biomass boilers and fuel cell heating systems.