Cataclean sponsors British Motorsport Marshals Club overalls
20th September 2017

Cataclean, the fuel and exhaust system cleaner for diesel, petrol and hybrid vehicles, will sponsor the British Motorsport Marshals Club (BMMC) overalls for the next three years. The partnership deepens Cataclean’s involvement in British motorsport, building on the Liverpool company’s sponsorship of DRM Motorsport in the Renault UK Clio Cup Championship. New orders for the distinctive orange, fire-resistant marshals’ overalls will now feature a Cataclean badge, alongside existing sponsors’ branding.

“With over 2,400 volunteer members, and numbers steadily increasing each year, the BMMC has a constant need to provide clothing and equipment suitable for the job,” says Colin Barnes, national treasurer of the BMMC. “At £60 per set and with the cost of other essential equipment such as safety boots, protective gloves and waterproof clothing to be provided, we look to sponsors to avoid the need to ask volunteers to pay for their own kit. With Cataclean’s sponsorship, the club is closer to being able to provide the overalls free of charge.”

Cataclean’s corporate development director, Graham Fraser, said, “We’ve formed an excellent relationship with the BMMC at the British Touring Car Championship events up and down the country, as their recruitment stand is often next to the Cataclean trade stand. We’ve got to learn a lot more about the fantastic work they do in British motorsport and are very happy to support them. We are very aware that motorsport just simply cannot happen without the continued support of the Marshals who give up their time week in week out, year after year.  We’ve even added the BMMC logo to our race car!”

Image – Cataclean will sponsor the British Motorsport Marshals Club (BMMC) overalls for the next three years.

Image – Each set of new overalls issued to marshals over the next three years, will feature a Cataclean badge.

Image – Cataclean’s William Jones presents British Motorsport Marshal Club’s Sammy Fairbank with a Cataclean badge at the Silverstone British Touring Car Championship event in September.

Image – Cataclean sponsors DRM Motorsport in the Renault UK Clio Cup Championship.

About Cataclean

Developed in 1995, Cataclean is a bottled fuel and exhaust system cleaner for diesel, petrol and hybrid vehicles that improves fuel consumption, reduces emissions and improves throttle response. It is the flagship product of Liverpool-based System Products UK. Cataclean is patented and supplied to markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East & the Americas where it is available via established automotive retail outlets, online and the motor trade.

How Cataclean works

Cataclean protects and maintains the catalytic converter, reduces emissions, improves fuel economy and restores performance; Cataclean Diesel offers these benefits in addition to reducing the risk of diesel particulate filter (DPFs clogging). Cataclean contains solvents that break down deposits in fuel delivery systems formed by oxidation and polymerisation of hydrocarbon. When Cataclean combusts it forms carboxylic acids, aldehydes and active peroxy compounds. When these compounds reach the exhaust vapours, they clean inside the catalytic converter, removing carbonaceous deposits from the surface of the core. The result is an increase in the catalyst’s ability to remove harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

Cataclean’s process also has an immediate effect on engine performance by cleaning and rejuvenating the fuel systems, injectors and valves, and optimising the combination and ignition of the fuel mixture. The result is better throttle response and improved fuel consumption.

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