Busfleet Australia’s coaches shift fully to Allison Automatics
3rd September 2020

Sydney-based specialist coach hire business, Busfleet Australia, has committed to Allison fully automatic transmissions due to their ease of operation and reliability.

Busfleet operates a fleet of 45 hire coaches catering mostly to inbound tour operators who require vehicles to transport passengers as part of tours to various Australian tourist destinations and vacation resorts. Within the fleet, the company operates 15 Higer coaches, including nine Higer H7s, a H9, two H10s and three H12s, all of which are fitted with Allison automatic transmissions. The remainder of the fleet is made up of smaller mini-buses and people-movers.

The success of the Allison transmissions in the Higer H9, H10s and H12s led Busfleet to choose the smaller H7s because they were the only mini-coach of this size to be equipped with an Allison automatic transmission as standard.

“We used to have a lot of manual buses, but now we are only buying coaches specified with Allison Automatics because of the reliability and lower cost of repair and maintenance,” said Field. “At one point we replaced eight clutches in six weeks with our manual buses, so having the Allison Automatics has made life a lot easier and more cost effective as well.”

The Busfleet coaches are driven by a variety of different drivers working for tour operators and organisations who hire the coaches. According to Busfleet’s Operations Manager, Ben Field, it means that an easy-to-operate and reliable automatic transmission is an absolute essential specification for their coaches.

Field explained that with a lot of different drivers getting behind the controls of its coaches, it is difficult for them to be able to guarantee the skill levels and capability of drivers.

“We have little control over who drives our vehicles and, while they have the right licensing, that doesn’t mean they have the skill to use a manual transmission properly and not cause damage or problems,” said Field. “There are an increasing number of drivers who cannot drive a manual so it is essential to have an automatic, and Allison is by far the best and most reliable for us.

“We have had no issues with any of our Allison-equipped Higers, from the smaller 28-seat H7 models up to the larger H9s, H10s or H12s.”

Field also cites the smooth shifting of the Allison automatics and the comfort that it delivers tourists travelling on the coaches. “They are perfect for the job and they certainly deliver a comfortable and seamless ride for passengers, whether that is climbing up into the Blue Mountains west of Sydney or negotiating stop-start city traffic down by Sydney Harbour,” he said.

Busfleet is an accredited bus and coach operator with bases in NSW, Victoria and Queensland and prides itself on having a hugely experienced team with direct experience in all areas of the market. The company, established in 2014 by New Zealand businessman Neil Geddes and the Ritchie family, has thrived because of the flexibility and tailored services offered to a variety of tourism and transport operators. The team has close to 70 years of experience in the bus and coach hire industry.

Image – The success of the Allison transmissions in the Higer H9, H10s and H12s led Busfleet to choose the smaller H7s (pictured) because they were the only mini coach of this size to be equipped with an Allison automatic transmission as standard.

Image – Operations Manager, Ben Field said Busfleet is now only buying buses equipped with Allison Automatics because of their reliability and lower costs of repair and maintenance.

Image – For Busfleet, an easy-to-operate and reliable Allison automatic transmission is an absolute essential specification for its coaches.

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