Beijing Daxing International Airport selects Allison Transmission-equipped deicing fluid recovery trucks
9th November 2020

To meet stricter emission regulations and cold weather operational needs, China’s biggest airport, opened in September 2019, receives new Dongfeng deicing fluid recovery trucks.

Five new Dongfeng trucks, for the purpose of recovering liquid from airport runways, have been delivered to Beijing Daxing International Airport ahead of the winter season. The Guo VI (Euro VI-equivalent) emission standards-compliant vehicles are equipped with Allison Transmissions and were developed by Shanghai Shenzhou Vehicle Energy Saving & Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (Shenzhou) and Dongfeng.

Beijing Daxing International Airport opened in September 2019 and is China’s biggest airport. At 700,000 m2, it has the world’s largest terminal in a single building and is expected to be able to handle 72 million passengers a year by 2025.

The airport deicing fluid recovery vehicle absorbs residue liquid from the ground after deicing, as well as other aircraft cleaning liquids from airport ramps, runways and maintenance areas. The waste liquid is collected through suction and then discharged into a special recycling container for follow-up treatment. This recovery technology not only reduces the environmental risks from the deicing fluids, it also enables the recycled liquids to be reused. 

Coupled with Dongfeng Cummins D6.7NS6B230 engines rated at 169 kW power, these five trucks are equipped with Allison 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmissions. It is the first Guo VI Dongfeng commercial vehicle with an Allison Transmission in China.

“To build high-end chassis trucks with specialty uses in an international airport, we tested many types of transmissions. In the end, we opted for Allison fully automatic transmissions for their unrivalled reliability and smoothness in gear changing,” said Yangfan, Chief Designer of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology Center.  “Unlike automated manual transmissions (AMT), Allison Automatics do not lose power and torque on every gear shift, thus saving time and fuel. Allison transmissions also contribute to lower exhaust emissions.”

With 92 terminals and seven runways, the newly opened Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport is no stranger to operating in harsh winter conditions while meeting its aircrafts’ tight operational schedules. “In winter, the time window for operating the deicing liquid recovery truck is very short. The work always starts at 5 a.m. before air traffic peaks. Thus, it requires the vehicle to move swiftly and operate efficiently,” said Huang Dongfeng, the President of Research Center of Shenzhou Vehicle. “Allison fully automatic transmissions have made it possible for the truck to turn, reverse and accelerate smoothly. When in operation mode, the truck is constantly manoeuvring in a “donut” designated area at speeds of 5-20 km/h and constantly shifting between first and third gear. With manual transmissions or AMTs, there will be much time wasted or even collisions with other nearby machines on the tarmac.”

“As the driver can concentrate on suction operation instead of changing gears with Allison automatics, this greatly reduces the driver’s stress. Allison is ideal for complicated and tough working environment, such as big airports,” added Huang. “Allison transmission’s ease of operation and excellent customer support make end users happy with their choice.”

Allison Automatics are designed for reliability and durability, while protecting the vehicle driveline. With Continuous Power Technology™, vehicles can achieve faster acceleration, greater operational flexibility and increased productivity. Allison transmissions allow precise vehicle control with the torque converter to multiply engine torque during vehicle launch. Allison transmissions require less maintenance and clutch replacement costs than a manual or AMT, which will require clutch replacement and longer vehicle downtime.

“For the tight, demanding schedules in the airport sector, Allison automatic transmissions are more efficient and offer greater acceleration than manual or AMTs,” said Chen Jing, Deputy Managing Director of Allison Transmission China. “Comfort is a further benefit for drivers working on frequent gear shifts, braking and reversing in tight corners of the airport environment. We will further strengthen our collaboration with Dongfeng and Shenzhou to offer the best service and product experience in the airport sector.”

Image – With 92 terminals and seven runways, the newly open Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport is no stranger to operating in harsh winter conditions while meeting its aircrafts’ tight operational schedules.

Image – Coupled with Dongfeng Cummins D6.7NS6B230 engines rated at 169kW power, these five trucks are equipped with Allison 3000P fully automatic transmissions and comply with Guo VI (Euro VI) emission standards.

Image – © Allison Transmission. Allison 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmission.

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