Barbados Transport Board revitalises its bus fleet with new engines and Allison transmissions
3rd June 2020

A collaboration between Mercedes-Benz/Brazil and Allison Transmission will see 30 Mercedes-Benz OH 1420 buses fully upgraded for Transport Board, the public transport company in the Caribbean country of Barbados. The buses are being fitted with new MB Euro 3 electronic engines, which replace old mechanical injection pump engines, and new Allison T270R™ fully automatic transmissions, which replace the previous Allison MT643R™ units.

Continuing the renewal process will generate new business for both companies, as approximately 60% of the island’s 250 bus fleet is out of operation due to its age and maintenance issues. The Mercedes-Benz OH 1420 chassis, no longer in production, were always exported to Barbados equipped with Allison automatic transmissions. Based upon the positive experience, the Transport Board decided to repower existing buses with electronic engines and further enhanced Allison automatic transmissions.

“This bus revitalisation is a relatively standard procedure in the Caribbean islands,” says Evaldo Oliveira, Director of Sales for Allison Transmission, South America. “The operational and financial difficulties for replacing vehicles lead city transport services, such as those provided by the Transport Board, to update the vehicle’s powertrain to extend the life of the country’s existing models. The cost is significantly cheaper than purchasing new buses, making passenger transport efficient again.”

The Allison T270R transmission was developed exclusively for buses and designed to offer more reliable and durable public transport, in addition to providing low maintenance costs. It uses Allison’s patented torque converter to smoothly multiply the torque of the engine and transmit greater power to the driving wheels in any traffic situation. The integrated retarder also decreases the use of the brakes, reducing the wear of the brake linings and further minimizing repair costs.

Image – © Allison Transmission. Allison transmissions with the “T” designation, such as the T270R™ used in upgrading the Mercedes OH 1420, are developed specifically for buses.

Image – © Transport Board. A collaboration between Mercedes-Benz/Brazil and Allison Transmission will provide fully updated powertrains in 30 Mercedes-Benz OH 1420 buses to Transport Board, the public transport company in the Caribbean country Barbados.

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