Allison transmissions chosen for the U.S. Marine Corps’ new 8×8 amphibious vehicles
8th November 2018

Iveco Defense Vehicles will support BAE Systems in the frame of its recently-awarded contract to produce the next generation of Amphibious Combat Vehicles.

Optimising all aspects of operational mobility, Allison Specialty Series™ transmissions will equip the new generation of Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV 1.1) for the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC).

The vehicles are being produced under a four-year, $400 million contract won by BAE Systems, with support from Iveco Defense Vehicles, a leading provider of integrated and protected mobility solutions to military and civil protection customers. The first order by the USMC is for 30 vehicles, with future options for a total of 204 new vehicles.

Iveco has chosen the reliability and technology of Allison fully automatic transmissions. This collaboration has already resulted in the design and manufacture of technologically-advanced armoured vehicles for the Spanish Army.

The ACV 1.1 is an advanced, 8×8 ocean-capable vehicle, with a new, 700hp six-cylinder engine optimised for use with the Allison 4800SP™ transmission. The military vehicle offers best-in-class mobility on all terrain and has an internal structure that can accommodate13 Marines with increased survival protection over currently fielded systems.

The first 16 prototypes were delivered last year to enable the Marines to evaluate the performance of the amphibious vehicles. During this period, the Iveco/BAE teams, together with Allison’s engineers, supported the Marine Corps evaluation by conducting numerous tests on risk situations, water operations and ground mobility. The performance of the vehicles has achieved excellent results.

Allison’s Specialty Series transmissions are dedicated to military, exceptional transportation (HET), and other severe applications – ensuring maximum reliability and durability. “The 8×8 wheeled vehicle is a state-of-the-art vehicle – a concentration of technology that brought new know-how during the testing phase,” said Simona Pilone, OEM Account Manager at Allison Transmission. “No special adaptations to the Allison transmission were necessary. However, some tailored functional and electronic integration adaptations have been developed.

“Allison fully automatic transmissions are the best option on military vehicles, allowing drivers to focus on their mission and reduce cognitive stress. Our Continuous Power Technology™ offers uninterrupted power to the drive wheels, smooth take off, low speed control and maneuverability. Transmission mounted Power Take-Offs (PTO) provide installation flexibility and the ability to power vehicle-mounted specialty equipment such as winches and central tire inflation,” said Pilone.

Allison Transmission has been supporting the U.S. military since 1917, when it began supplying engines for fighter aircraft. In later years, Allison began supplying automatic transmissions for tracked and wheeled military vehicles.

Image – © Iveco Defense Vehicles. Allison transmissions will equip the new generation of Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV 1.1) for the U.S. Marine Corps, produced by BAE Systems with support from Iveco Defense Vehicles.

Image – © 2018 BAE Systems. The ACV 1.1 is an 8×8 ocean-capable vehicle with a new, 700 hp six-cylinder engine optimised for use with the Allison 4800SP™.

Image – © Allison Transmission. Allison’s fully automatic 4800SP™ transmission fitted in the ACV 1.1 is ideal for military and exceptional transportation (HET) applications, ensuring maximum reliability and durability.

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