Australia acquires 115 Allison-equipped IVECO Eurocargos to handle steep inclines
13th February 2024

One hundred and fifteen IVECO Eurocargo Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, specially fitted with Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions, will soon be in service at Australia’s high-risk fire areas.  


Over the next two years, the vehicles will go into service across a number of Australian states facing bush fire emergencies. These areas are regional, get very dry – especially in summer months – and include lots of natural bushland and hilly terrain.  


IVECO has been on a mission to optimise its Eurocargo ML150 4×4 trucks to establish the best gear configuration for emergency service workers fighting fires on steep angles of up to 35 percent. 


The vehicles were tested with an automated manual transmission (AMT) and a fully automatic transmission from Allison Transmission. The comparison looked at ways to reduce the speed of the vehicle in a controlled descent to minimise human intervention. The fully automatic Allison was able to be customised with input and output functions of the transmission control module (TCM), with a combination of exhaust brake, lock up and retarder adjustments optimising support for drivers. 


“For the trials we started with an Allison 3000 Series™ in IVECO’s Eurocargo ML150 Euro 5. The transmission was reworked via our local channel partner to perform similar to a 3500 transmission by altering the calibration. A physical gear ratio change from close to wide ratio provided a deeper first gear, further optimising the vehicle’s performance and meeting the request of better driver control,” said Allison Transmission Australia & New Zealand Sales Manager, Robert Cavagnino.  


“The vehicle allowed those drivers to creep smoothly down very steep descents and feel fully supported by the gearing and braking systems, while staying focused on the job. It’s about drivers of varying experience levels feeling confident in their vehicle.” 


Following the success of the pilot, a further 90 Euro 5 vehicles have been reworked locally to perform similar to a 3500. IVECO’s newer Eurocargo Euro 6 now comes with the factory option of the Allison 3500 transmission with Power Take-Off (PTO) and retarder as the ideal 4×4 application. A further 25 have already been ordered direct from factory based on demand. 


“The move from an AMT to a fully-automatic Allison transmission at the end of 2019 was the right one for this model,” said Emiliano Foieri, IVECO Product Manager. “The feedback from multiple fire agencies is that adding the Allison fully automatic 3500 transmission has provided confidence to drivers with limited truck driving experience, who’ll now get into a larger 15-tonne vehicle and confidently control it in some fairly challenging environments.” 


“Considering these vehicles need to be in service for a minimum of 20 years, we wanted a configuration suitable for volunteers – some of which haven’t been born yet! I truly believe that with this truck and fully automatic transmission we’ve achieved that,” said Foieri. “Our work with the Allison Transmission team to get the specification right was seamless, and this configuration has now become a standard inclusion for off-road emergency vehicles in IVECO’s ML150 4X4 range following consistently positive feedback from emergency service agencies around Australia and New Zealand.” 


“Allison Transmission is honoured to partner with IVECO to provide the nation’s emergency services with a greater sense of control over the large vehicles they’re operating – often in highly stressful circumstances,” said Cavagnino.  


“By instilling more confidence in the emergency service personnel on challenging terrain, we make their whole job easier. A lot of people who work for fire services are volunteers, and a fully automatic transmission protects from misuse of the drivetrain – giving greater service life of these important fire ground assets protecting the community in stressful times.” 


For more information on the benefits of the Allison 3500 transmission and how it can optimise the performance of fleets fit for emergency service vehicles and more, visit 


February 13th 2024 


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IVECO Eurocargo Euro 6 equipped with an Allison 3500 transmission for superior vehicle control on steep terrain.


© Allison Transmission  

IVECO Eurocargo Euro 6 equipped with an Allison 3500 transmission for superior vehicle control on steep terrain. 


© Allison Transmission  

(L-R) Heavy Automatics National Sales Manager Garth Ryan and Allison Transmission Australia & NZ Sales Manager, Robert Cavagnino, with a transmission model similar to that which has been put into the 115 Eurocargo trucks