New heating technology secures Excellent BREEAM rating for low carbon student block
6th February 2018

The newly-built Walpole in South London is the UK’s first installation of Viessmann’s award-winning Vitocrossal 100 boilers

A new five-storey student accommodation development opposite Goldsmiths University in London’s New Cross has achieved an Excellent BREEAM rating by using space-saving, state-of-the-art heating equipment.

Walpole, which houses 87 students in cluster flats and self-contained studios, uses both award-winning Viessmann gas-fired condensing boilers and a Viessmann combined heat and power (CHP) unit to generate warmth and electricity for its flats, common room, study area and outdoor spaces. The technology was selected for its high performance and compact design.

The CHP unit, a Viessmann Vitobloc 200 EM 9/20, is sized to perfectly suit the well-designed city-centre site, while three 320 kW Viessmann Vitocrossal 100 floor-standing gas boilers are used in cascade to provide heating and hot water throughout the accommodation. This is the first completed UK installation of the Vitocrossal 100 which was launched earlier this year.

Integrated controls across the two technologies make it easy to monitor the system’s overall performance from a PC or a mobile phone app.

At 680 mm wide, the Vitocrossal 100 has an exceptionally small footprint, leaving plenty of room for the CHP technology in Walpole’s compact plant room. Because it comes pre-wired and pre-assembled and has integrated wheels, it was also easier for contractor JW Morris to install.

The new boilers support the low carbon philosophy of the Walpole site, with a rated output of 960 kW, NOx ratings below 39 mg/kWh and low power consumption which does not require a boiler circuit pump. The modulation range of 1:5 guarantees a long burner run time and further economical energy consumption.

The Vitocrossal 100 is the first floor-standing gas-fired condensing boiler on the market to feature Lambda Pro technology for optimum performance and efficiency. It was recently named Commercial/Industrial Heating Product of the Year 2017 at the HVR Awards.

Jonathan Grist, Viessmann commercial sales director, commented, “It’s great to see the student accommodation developer sector match our excitement for the new Vitocrossal 100 boiler. What we have created at Walpole is an ideal heating package – together with our CHP units and integrated controls – to serve the typical demands of a 50 to 100 apartment block, even in space-restricted city developments.”

Walpole opened in September 2017.

Image – Three 320 kW Viessmann Vitocrossal 100 floor-standing gas boilers are used in cascade to provide heating and hot water throughout the accommodation.

Image – Viessmann’s compact Vitocrossal 100 commercial boiler.

Image – The Vitocrossal 100 boiler.

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